An overview of school life

Fraser has sent in this mash-up of some of the best comments from his teachers over the years. He unfortunately can’t remember the ‘incident’ alluded to by his Physics teacher.


English – English would be a good start. Fraser thinks it amusing to answer questions in French, or what he insists is French.

Maths – Fraser’s attempts to understand quadratic equations have given me an new understanding of headaches.

Physics – He has made good strides this term. A little more focus is perhaps required if we are to avoid another incident such as we had in the first week of term.

Chemistry – Fraser is no Michael Faraday. Faraway would be a more apt moniker. More attention needed!

Biology – Fraser was eager when it came to the dissection of a sheep’s heart, not so when it came to the end of term exam.

Geography – Fraser has been woking (sic) much harder this term.

History – I can only assume that Mr Tolkien’s works are a favourite of young Fraser. His belief that Smaug the dragon was on the side of Napoleon at Waterloo is unfortunately beginning to spread through the class.


The first report of the new term

Our first reports are in! The best snippets from Beth Graham’s are below. Deary me. . .


Mathematics – The loss of a finger would hamper Beth’s ability to count to ten.

Physics – An apple was enough for Newton, a much larger object may be necessary for Beth.

History – Beth has yet to understand the concept of learning from the past.

Geography – Beth’s colouring has come on leaps and bounds this term.