An overview of school life

Fraser has sent in this mash-up of some of the best comments from his teachers over the years. He unfortunately can’t remember the ‘incident’ alluded to by his Physics teacher.


English – English would be a good start. Fraser thinks it amusing to answer questions in French, or what he insists is French.

Maths – Fraser’s attempts to understand quadratic equations have given me an new understanding of headaches.

Physics – He has made good strides this term. A little more focus is perhaps required if we are to avoid another incident such as we had in the first week of term.

Chemistry – Fraser is no Michael Faraday. Faraway would be a more apt moniker. More attention needed!

Biology – Fraser was eager when it came to the dissection of a sheep’s heart, not so when it came to the end of term exam.

Geography – Fraser has been woking (sic) much harder this term.

History – I can only assume that Mr Tolkien’s works are a favourite of young Fraser. His belief that Smaug the dragon was on the side of Napoleon at Waterloo is unfortunately beginning to spread through the class.


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