Best of the Worst

Celebrity Horrors

Can you guess which famous person the following reports are describing?               Answers below 

1) ‘Is a constant trouble to everybody and is always in some scrape or other. He cannot be trusted to behave himself anywhere.’

2) ‘has set herself an extremely low standard which she has failed to maintain.’

3) ‘Certainly on the road to failure’

4) ‘Too interested in sport. You can’t make a living out of football.’

5) ‘He will never amount to anything’


1) Winston Churchill         2) Jilly Cooper         3) John Lennon        4) Gary Lineker             5) Wait for it . . . Albert Einstein


Poor Ben

English D His improved vocabulary has unfortunately damaged the ears of some of his more innocent classmates.
Mathematics C Dealing with Wilkins is a truly herculean task. For each question answered several more will inevitably be forthcoming.
Sciences C One can’t fault Wilkins’ application. His projectiles became steadily more accurate as we studied aerodynamics.
French D It is hard to assess Wilkins’ progress as his methods of communication are no more intelligible in a foreign language than they are in his native tongue.
P.E B Enthusiasm prevails.



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